About Me

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I’m Etornam Sunu Bright, but people call me “Etornam.” I’m a software developer, and I specialize in developing efficient mobile apps and backend services. I care deeply about building interfaces that are usable and pleasant for the most number of people possible. My professional life has been 100% driven by my passion for design and structure.

For one year five months, I’ve worked for a non-governmental organization in Ghana, where I was able to develop an educational app that is used by over 4000 unemployed youths in Ghana to gain digital skills.

After that, I was in charge of implementing and launching the mobile app for a delivery startup, which I was able to complete in just under four months and this app helps over 100 people order for item pickups and delivery in a day. Right now, I’m excited about SwiftUi, and working towards becoming a SwiftUi senior developer. In the following years, I also plan to explore more of the server-side languages and become a better-rounded full-stack dev.


Etornam Sunu Bright

Work Process


Research and Plan

I make research on the various features of the system i will be building and then I plan the execution, delivery, during etc


Design and Develop

I write robust code that can with-stand the test of time.



With experiences in deploying apps to google Playstore & Appstore and web services to AWS, GCP & Heroku, i have the confidence to get your app or web services online.